Parent/Teacher Conferencing Just Got Easy


This document uses the term guardian to refer to any individual a school has listed as a student's parent/guardian in the ConferenceNight software (regardless of the individual's legal relationship to the child), teacher to refer to any individual granted staff-level access to ConferenceNight by an school account administrator (regardless of that person's legal employement status at the school), and school account administrator to refer to any individual with access to manage a ConferenceNight account on behalf of a school regardless of that person's role or title at the school.

Information ConferenceNight Collects

Briefly: ConferenceNight needs names and email addresses to do its job.

School account administrators and teachers provide ConferenceNight with student names, guardian email addresses, teacher names, and teacher email addresses. No other personal information is required or requested.

Guardians provide only a specific date/time to schedule the conference for each child in their family. No other information is required or requested from guardians.

Like most web services, ConferenceNight also automatically collects some information from each visitor's web browser at the time of each visit. This includes cookies used to keep guardians and teachers logged in when returning to the site, and device-specific information such as browser type, operating system, IP address, etc.

Automatically-collected information is not linked to any individual account but may be analyzed in the aggregate to assess what technology is used to access ConferenceNight.

Information Is Not Shared

Briefly: ConferenceNight uses your information only to help schedule conferences, and then throws it away.

ConferenceNight uses the personal information you provide exclusively for scheduling parent/teacher conferences. ConferenceNight will not disclose (sell, rent, share, distribute, or otherwise disseminate) any personal information to any other person or company at any time for any purpose.

Information Is Not Retained

Briefly: ConferenceNight does not keep any identifying information on file after it's no longer needed.

ConferenceNight keeps all information collected for a school on file until one calendar year after the latest available conference date listed on the account.

After one year, all identifying information about the school, its students, its guardians, and its teachers is deleted outright. This includes all names and email addresses.

Information about when conferences were scheduled and with whom, using generic placeholder names (e.g., "Student 5", "Teacher 7", "Guardian 19") may be kept on file permanently after all identifying information is erased.

A school account administrator may contact the ConferenceNight Help Desk at any time to request that the school's information be erased earlier than one year after the last scheduled conference date.

Opting Out

ConferenceNight only requests information that is absolutely necessary to use the service. It is not possible to opt out of providing any information.


No advertising or marketing materials of any kind are permitted anywhere on the www.ConferenceNight.org website or in any email messages ConferenceNight generates.


Briefly: ConferenceNight only sends emails you'd expect it to send in order to facilitate conference scheduling.

School account administrators control the contents of all email sent to guardians, including invitations (i.e., messages inviting guardians to schedule a conference), confirmations (i.e., messages verifying that a conference is scheduled), and reminders (i.e., messages sent one day prior to each scheduled conference to remind guardians that the conference is upcoming).

Teachers receive only one type of communication from ConferenceNight: a message sent upon creating their account with a link to login to their ConferenceNight dashboard.

School account administrators may receive a single reminder message several months after using ConferenceNight with information on how to use it for the next round of conferences.

ConferenceNight communications are sent on behalf of an individual school and are considered official school business. Guardians and teachers cannot "opt out" of these messages, but school account administrators may remove an email address from ConferenceNight for any reason.